Downloads: Vulnerable Module and Default Installation

Vulnerable Module - A Demonstration of Horrible Drupal Programming Practices

This is possibly the worst Drupal module. Ever. You should only install it on test sites which are not publicly accessible such as a test server inside a company firewall or your own laptop (behind its own firewall). You can learn from it by reading the code.

This module is a companion to the book Cracking Drupal: A Drop in the Bucket but may also be valuable to people who don't own the book - of course, I encourage you to buy the book ;)

The module is compatible with Drupal 6.x and 7.x. To install, simply place it in your modules directory and enable it on admin/modules (admin/build/modules on 6). The code has a lot of comments about how to (ab)use the module. You can also find an overview at "/vulnerable"

Code and Database for Appendix B

This complete Drupal installation file is based upon code from Leveraging Drupal by Victor Kane.

Download the installation files.

It is the result of spending the chapter installing Drupal and configuring it to become a multi-lingual translation workshop site.

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