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The stock price tag used approximates the market price tag significantly less a marketability discount of 30%. Expected volatility was determined by independent valuation specialist.

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These payments were for function they performed on behalf of the Corporation. For the duration of 2008, The Amacore Group, Inc ("Amacore") granted to Mr. Jarvis 800 thousand warrants to acquire widespread stock in connection with his employment agreement with the Corporation. In the event the warrants are exercised, Amacore will problem the corresponding authorized and accessible popular stock to Mr. Jarvis. The fair value of every single option award classified as a liability on the balance sheets is estimated on the date of the grant applying the Black-Scholes Pricing Model and the assumptions noted in the following table.

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During the year ended July 31, 2011, the Organization issued around 6.45 million warrants to obtain common stock. On July 31, 2009, the Business entered into a stock repurchase agreement with a majority shareholder to buy eight million shares for $210 thousand or $.26 per share. At July 31, 2012, Series A, Series B and Series C Convertible Preferred Stock is convertible into 28 million, eight million, 19.two million, and zurvita (mouse click the up coming website page) 11.two million prevalent shares, respectively. If the Convertible Preferred Stock had been converted as of July 31, 2012, the aggregate market cost of the prevalent shares for Series A, Series B and Series C would have been roughly $1.1 million, $320 thousand, $768 thousand, and $448 thousand respectively. Financial instruments which are measured at estimated fair value on a recurring basis in the consolidated economic statements contain marketable securities, a embedded share conversion function and non-compensatory warrants.
The fair value of the marketable securities was determined by the industry value as quoted on the OTC. The fair value of the share conversion function and warrants was determined by an independent expert valuation specialist applying the Black-Scholes Choice Pricing Model. All of the Company’s credit card processing is with one particular merchant processor, as properly as all marketing sales commission payments are calculated by a third-party service provider. The Business does not at present keep a line of credit or term loan with any commercial bank or other economic institution and has not produced any other arrangements to get more financing. We can offer no assurance that we will not call for extra financing.
The danger-no cost price for periods within the contractual life of the choice is primarily based on the U.S. The expected term of solutions granted represents the period of time that selections granted are expected to be outstanding.

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In addition, consultants are utilised to give specialized technical abilities such as valuation of warrant instruments requiring fair value accounting and impairment testing. The use of specialists reduces the likeliness of a material error occurring in much more technical accounting places. There are instant family members of Mr. Jarvis, who operate as independent sales consultants who had been paid commission compensation which approximated $199 thousand for the year ended July 31, 2012, and about $92 thousand for the year ended July 31, 2011.