Slot Welike777

Progressive Jackpot

Arguably the most attractive thing about this slot is still the progressive jackpot. There are a couple of progressives to win, with each progressive jackpot being randomly triggered. When it is, the player will get to spin a wheel of fortune that will be divided up into the different levels of progressive jackpots. The higher the player has staked prior to triggering the progressive bonus round, the more chances they will have on the wheel of picking up the top jackpot.


From a graphics perspective, one cannot fault The Dark Knight. From an audio perspective, one can do nothing more but love it. The music is taken from the film (so no cheesy sound effects), and the sound effects they do use are of The Joker and Batman themselves and definitely worth inclusion in the slot.

The sheer number of special features in this slot, coupled with the regularity of which they appear, make it exciting and thrilling to play.

Considering the pathetically tiny maximum wager, and ซื้อฟรีสปิน the sheer amount of money that players could win, this slot is an absolutely must play for all gamers, and there’s little wonder why it has become so successful and popular.