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A resident of China's notorious 'cliff village' has shot to fame after filming himself climbing and walking on steel ladders mounted on the cliff faces without harness.

Mose Labo, who grew up in the Atule'er village in Zhaojue County, said he is used to making treacherous journeys up and down the mountain.

He also said he didn't think the balancing stunt particularly dangerous, according to Chinese media.

Mose Labo (pictured) carefully balances himself on top of a steel ladder in Sichuan, China

The 24-year-old has shot to fame online after filming himself performing dangerous stunts


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The 24-year-old man is billed as the 'flying man' by the public. 

He explained to local reporters that in the , the cliff was about 400 metres (1,312 feet) above the ground.

The giant ladder, consisting of 1,000 steps, connects the village on top of the mountain to the outside world, reported , citing Beijing Youth Daily.

The part Labo walked on is the middle part of the ladder.  

Labo said he grew up making treacherous journeys up and down the mountain in Zhaojue 

The ladder, comprising 1,000 steps, connects the village on the peak to the outside world

The remote community became famous after a set of heartbreaking pictures emerged in 2016

Children from the village had to climb unsecured vine ladders to return home from school

The dangerous school run of the children living in Atule'er village broke the hearts of millions


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