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Low Cost – The cost of papers and content on EduBirdie is lower than many of its counterparts. Many websites overcharge the students for their content, and many others do not respect the fact that students might not be able to afford such high-priced articles, but even then they do not lower the prices.

"All the essays I requested from EduBirdie got an A. I'm satisfied with the service the company provided. However, the price is quite expensive and difficult to afford. Maybe the company should lower the bid price and expand its market share."

Tons of EduBirdie reviews are also available on the website. It is a good thing the company does not hide the feedbacks left by its customers because it is another guarantee of their trustworthiness and transparency.

You can pick any deadline from 10 days to one day for your order. Even if you order a very complicated and lengthy project, the system still allows you to set the lowest deadline and see if any of the writers apply.

There were good reviews where customers said they really enjoyed the experience. In particular, one review was from a businessman who was using the website for his speech. He commented that he had used other writing services and they did not compare; Edubirdie had provided him with a speech that was successful and he was glad that he chose them.

Customer service and satisfaction are clearly important during the writing process. But just because you have received your paper doesn’t mean it ends there.

EduBirdie is totally legal. It simply provides students with writing samples and research assistance in order to help them perfect their essay writing skills. Furthermore, EduBirdie does not tolerate plagiarism.

I examined more than one edubirdie review, and I can ensure you that sometimes these reviews are fake. I assumed that competitors place fake reviews about Edubirdie and make it difficult to assess the quality of services they provide.

I’ve got to be honest that I was excited to make an order at review. The "org" domain just…

A great aspect of Edubirdie’s system is that it allows you to choose which writer will do your essay. In the ordering process, once you log your assignment into the site, several professional writers will be able to bid for it.

Looks like they don’t want to show a little bit of care for their customers and want their money only!

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I am terribly sorry to hear that you've had such an experience with us. We work hard to make sure that our writers only provide works of exceptional quality.

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